Elopement Portraits in Colorado

Colorado Elopement Portraits

I’ve always loved Colorado, so when Raquelle posted that she would be traveling to have pictures done in her wedding dress and Chris would be in his suit, I reached out to her right away. She sent me the details and the dates that she was considering and luckily I was available! We ironed out the details decided on the weekend and we booked our travel!

We made it out to Colorado on a Friday and the plan was to do the session on Saturday at Pikes Peak. We met up at noon at the entrance of Pikes Peak and hopped in one car and started driving up the highway scouting locations. We made up to Glen Cove and decided to start there and work our way down and hit the spots that we decided on. Y’all…we had the best time! The pictures came out amazing and Raquelle was a trooper in the cold and windy parts. We were on a mountain so we knew the higher up we went there would be more wind and it would be colder but we still had perfect weather! The sun was out and the high was 65 degrees! The next day it was a high of 20 something and it was snowing for the next two days we were there! We were meant to shoot on that beautiful Saturday and get these amazing photos, Enjoy!

RC_Colorado_Portraits-5.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-12.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-16.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-22.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-29.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-30.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-35.jpgAfter we got some amazing photos at Glen Cove we started to venture back down Pikes Peak and stopped at the next spot which was an awesome overlook location. RC_Colorado_Portraits-46.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-48.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-50.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-52.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-56.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-58.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-64.jpgWe made Raquelle brave the wind for a little bit and then made our way back to the Crystal Reservoir which was so beautiful. It had everything you could hope for in a Colorado photo location: lakes, trees, and mountains! RC_Colorado_Portraits-126.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-71.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-73.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-75.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-79.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-83.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-84.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-94.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-95.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-97.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-111.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-115.jpgThank you to my wonderful husband Kevin for making leaves fall in front of my camera. Haha!RC_Colorado_Portraits-118.jpgHer ring was gorgeous so of course I had to get a ring detail shot!RC_Colorado_Portraits-120.jpgThis is what elopement photos are all about! Hiking around in your wedding dress while your wonderful groom helps you carry your dress!RC_Colorado_Portraits-123.jpgWhen you get her into position to take pictures of her boots and then my assistant (my husband Kevin) brings her water after just hiking up a steep incline haha.RC_Colorado_Portraits-127.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-128.jpgOur last location as the sun was setting, I knew this one was worth it and we had to stop here before the park closed!RC_Colorado_Portraits-131.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-133.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-137.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-141.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-142.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-145.jpgRC_Colorado_Portraits-153.jpgI had so much fun exploring with Raquelle and Chris! I can’t wait to hop on a plane and head to the next location a bride wants me to explore with them!

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