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Rustic Houston Engagement Session

The most popular comments that I hear from clients sound a little something like this, “We’ve never had professional photos done before!” “Hopefully you can make us not look awkward.” “My fiance hates taking photos.” Sound familiar? Well most of my clients say those things and then we meet up for their engagement session and it’s like they forget there is a camera taking their picture. I make my clients so comfortable that it feels like we just friends hanging out. Here are 5 tips that I tell my clients before and during their sessions and on their wedding day.

Brittany_Mason_Engagement-59.jpgBrittany_Mason_Engagement-58.jpg1. Be comfortable.No that does not mean wear PJs or lounge clothes (unless you’re doing an in home session…which I am all for!). I mean wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Don’t buy clothes that you would never wear just to achieve a certain look for your photos. If you aren’t comfortable in what you’re wearing then it’s going to be really hard to even begin to relax in front of the camera.
2. Move.Yes we will probably take the typical posed photos of you two standing next to each other with your ring hand on his chest with both of you smiling at the camera..it’s easy and usually a good starting point while all the hair is still perfectly in place (and the mothers like these photos). But the magic happens when you move. Movement is everything in photos! I’m going to have you walk hand in hand towards me, face each other and do different motions with your hands, and maybe even dance a little! M&I.gif3. Utilize your surroundings.Incorporate elements around you. Lets go sit on that truck or that swing. Let’s walk on that tree that’s laying on the ground. Lean up against that fence post. Lisa_Andy_Engagement-18.jpg4. Get RealPosed photos and forced smiles are not really my style. I’m probably going to give you cues to do and say different things to each other. Why? Because 100% of the time if your fiance whispers something in your ear it will make you laugh and I will then capture an image of your REAL smiles.IMG_0988.jpg5. Take a moment.This time is about the two of you. Whether you are taking engagement photos or photos of just the two of you after you’ve just said “I do.” If you want to joke around with each other while I take a step back, go for it. If you want to face each other and with your foreheads together and just breathe in and out. Go for it. Having both fun and intimate moments together make for awesome photos. _MG_0316.jpg

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