Intimate Rustic Wedding in Marble Falls, TX

Rustic Intimate Wedding

Brittany & Kyle’s fall wedding was a little different for me. Brittany is a friend of mine from church and so not only was I their photographer, but my boyfriend at the time (now fiancé!), was able to come with me as my plus one to the weekend festivities! I had so much fun getting to spend time with friends and hanging out at The Ranch at Cow Creek. I got to hang out around the pool, spent time with the girls getting ready, shot some photos of the guys skeet shooting and of course visited the longhorns on the property!

A lot of pictures for this one, I was shooting all day!

Brittany_Kyle_Wedding-504.jpgBrittany is probably the most relaxed bride I’ve had the pleasure of photographing…she took a nap while she was getting ready with her girls!Brittany_Kyle_Wedding-6.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-13.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-11.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-17.jpgSurround yourself with amazing vendors, friends and family and you will be as relaxed as Brittany was! She even took a little power nap in her curlers while everyone was getting ready!Brittany_Kyle_Wedding-28.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-20.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-110.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-107.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-100.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-103.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-111.jpgOh you know just some CoCo Chanel perfume with her Kate Spade Keds. I love detail shots!Brittany_Kyle_Wedding-120.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-126.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-128.jpgBrittany and Kyle’s wedding was very much in line with the kind of wedding that Kevin and I wanted to have so it was fun to be a part of their weekend. Kevin fit right in with the guys and got to be part of the skeet shoot. Here is a great look into what a small ranch wedding looks like in the Texas Hill country.Brittany_Kyle_Wedding-33.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-65.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-66.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-78.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-88.jpg
The boys had their fun and then it was time for the groom and his best man to start getting ready!Brittany_Kyle_Wedding-133.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-134.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-136.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-139.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-142.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-143.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-158.jpg
A little prayer time with the bride’s maid of honor and mother, such a sweet moment before she headed downstairs for the first look with her dad!Brittany_Kyle_Wedding-174.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-176.jpgFirst looks are some of my favorite moments, they can be with your dad or your groom!Brittany_Kyle_Wedding-185.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-178.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-180.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-194.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-189.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-193.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-201.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-198.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-199.jpg
Let’s get this beautiful wedding started!Brittany_Kyle_Wedding-204.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-211.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-216.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-215.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-221.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-220.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-228.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-230.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-243.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-255.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-248.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-259.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-261.jpgThey did it!Brittany_Kyle_Wedding-284.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-347.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-350.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-349.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-352.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-369.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-395.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-425.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-440.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-455.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-472.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-480.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-486.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-490.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-497.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-499.jpgBrittany_Kyle_Wedding-502.jpgNo official “exit” at this wedding, we all just headed back to the main house on the property to drink and eat s’mores around the fire!

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