hey there!

I'm Megan, a lifestyle photographer in Houston, TX.
Photography was not the end goal for me initially. I love horses and I live in Texas so obviously I was going to go to Texas A&M University and become a vet (yeah not so much). I did graduate with an Animal Science degree but it was more business rather than science based. Thanks to family connections, I landed a job at a personal injury law firm (totally connected to Animal Science right?!) If I were to tell the high school me that had dreams of becoming a vet how my life was going to play out over the next 10 years, I would have laughed at myself...I'm sure most of you can relate.


here are some fun facts about me:

  • I still live in the same city as my parents and younger sister.

  • I'm an advocate for Coreluv International and enjoy going to Haiti on short term mission trips to work with our missionaries and interact with our orphans.

  • I'm the crazy person that wakes up at 4 am to get to the gym at 5 am before I go to work. I hate working out after work when everybody is there...so 4 am it is!

  • I will rarely turn down desserts. If I was consistent in going to the gym I might be able to get away with only eating desserts and that sounds like heaven. (Don't worry I would mix in some fruit based and peanut butter based desserts = all food groups covered).

  • I'm likely going to choose cowgirl boots (or flats) over heels 90% of the time. I'm a country girl living in the city. I love to go two-stepping when given the opportunity.

  • I want to foster/adopt all the dogs in the world!

Our lives probably won't turn out the way our younger selves imagined they would, but that's likely for the best because our imaginations are limited compared to the plan God has for us.

Photography wasn't the end goal but it has become my dream job. As your photographer, I would love to know your story and have the opportunity to capture those amazing moments with the people you love in your life! 



Coreluv asks the question, "What's in your hand?"
I have a camera in mine and I'm ready to serve my photography clients and the orphans of the world at the same time!


I went on my first mission trip to Haiti in 2014, and it changed me.

Yes, I know people say that all the time about mission trips but it's true! People go with the intention to serve and help others but when it comes to short term mission trips with Coreluv I believe that the purpose is to open our eyes to things that are going on in this world outside of our day-to-day bubble. I have been on 3 trips to Haiti so far and each time was an amazing, heart-wrenching, reality check that I needed. Coreluv uses donations to support their orphanages in Haiti and feeding centers in India and they are offering trips year round for people to come and physically see and experience where their donations are going.

I have found a way to use my passion of photography to serve Coreluv, an organization that has a permanent place in my heart. Not only do I want to serve my photography clients and provide them with beautiful pictures that they can display in their home, but when they look at their photos I want them to know that they have also helped the orphans that Coreluv supports. Their photos aren't just a tangible item that they get to enjoy but it provided meals to some of the 153,000,000 orphans in this world.