Marianne's Turning One!

Kate contacted me through Facebook to take pictures of her daughter Marianne to capture a milestone in her life...Marianne was turning ONE! We discussed location options and chose the West 11th Street Park in the Heights since it was close to them. I had never been there or even seen it but it turned out to be a really cool location with a lot of potential. 

We kicked things off with getting some pictures of the whole family.

e-7426 w.logo.jpg

We managed to only get one with them all looking at the camera and as you can see this is not that one haha. I love this one because it captured how the rest of the session went. Marianne's brother either had his eyes closed or wouldn't smile at the camera (you can see a hint of a smile on his face in this one though). I love the genuine laughter on Kate and her husband's face. 

After that we brought out the bubbles...

e-7438 w.logo.jpg
e-7469 w.logo.jpg

We also tried to use some props but Marianne was more interested in playing with the leaves on the ground. When she did have the 1 that I gave her to hold she would without fail turn it backwards and hold it out towards the camera.

e-7476 w.logo.jpg

We even tried to get brother to help out...

e-7482 w.logo.jpg

I had a wonderful time with your family Marianne!

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