5 Wedding Planning Resources

Congrats on getting engaged!! Now its time for the fun part (or not so fun depending on your personality), but either way the planning needs to happen and I just wanted to share a few wedding planning resources that can help make the planning easier and maybe even a little bit fun!

WeddingHappy - https://www.weddinghappy.com/

This free app helps you make a wedding plan and create reminders for tasks that need to be done. WeddingHappy allows you to share your to-do list with others and also track payments to your vendors! Couples that have used the app have said that it was great at keeping them on track and didn’t send an obnoxious amount of notifications. This tool is perfect for those that love checking off items off of a to-do list but also helps those that aren’t as obsessed about organization and planning.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a lifesaver for the bride that is OCD when it comes to organization and planning. You can access Google Docs, Google Excel Sheets and more from your computer and via the apps. You can easily share each of your planning documents with anybody and the changes are updated live! This is perfect for those that are involved in helping you plan your wedding day. The Excel Sheets are great for budgeting and keeping track of what has been paid for and Google Docs are great for things like outlining a wedding day timeline to share with your wedding planner (if you have one), your photographer and other vendors.

Carats & Cake - https://caratsandcake.com/

Yes Pinterest is great for getting ideas for your wedding inspiration board but Carats & Cake provides brides with vendors names that were part of the wedding you came across that is similar to your dream wedding. Carats & Cake brings vendors together through real content from real weddings. Brides can search through weddings in their area and can see the vendors that were part of the weddings that inspire them. You can also search by a type of vendor and see other weddings that they have been part of.

Zola - https://www.zola.com/

Need a wedding website? Need to get a registry set up? Need an easy way to send out save the dates/invites? Zola does it all and it’s all FREE! Zola has over 100 wedding website templates that are easy and quick to customize with your information. Your guests can easily RSVP and then also access your Zola wedding registry. Their large selection of gifts, gift cards and honeymoon funds make it the best choice for the couple that likes to keep things simple. Your guests will love you for it as well! Zola also does something unique in offering 20% off items up to 6 months post-wedding day, the ability to swap gifts before they ship and price matching! Even though Zola has wedding gifts from over 500 brands but if you can’t find what you’re looking for you have the option to add it to Zola! And in case you’re wondering, yes there is a Zola app!

Postable - https://www.postable.com/

You’re still on high from your wedding day and the honeymoon but it’s also time to step back into reality and begin your life with your new husband. You open all of your wedding gifts and then realize you have all these thank you cards to write and send out. Not to worry though! Postable is this amazing site that lets you choose the design for your thank you card and what you want to write (the thank you card is in a handwritten font!). OK so maybe you don’t have everyone’s address in one location...Postable has a created a way for you to email your guests and they can fill out their information and they all get put into the address book directly on the website! Postable will then mail your custom thank you cards out to everyone in the address book!

I hope you find these resources helpful in making a huge task a little bit easier!

Megan Elsbury