25 Items to Include in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Your wedding day is likely going to be hectic even if you as the bride are zen and chill, it is very likely that some people in your wedding party are going to be running around a little bit crazy. That’s okay because you (or the person you designate) will have this emergency kit put together for the day of to cover all bases. Let’s get your wedding day “go bag” put together with these 25 items (feel free to include all or just a few)!

  1. Deodorant - typically at least one person forgets this

  2. Mints - keep it fresh for the kiss!

  3. Bobby pins - you can never have too many of these

  4. Tide to-go pen - accidental spills happen

  5. Sewing kit - buttons pop off and seams in dresses can bust a little bit, it’s important to be prepared

  6. Safety pins - goes with number 5

  7. Tampons/pads

  8. Scissors

  9. Snack bars -

  10. First Aid kit - just in case for the wedding party members that can get a little too rowdy

  11. Q-tips

  12. Clear nail polish

  13. Medicine: Advil/Tylenol for the headaches or other minor aches and Claritin for the allergies

  14. Lotion - sometimes the legs can be ashy!

  15. Tissues - important to tuck these into the bridesmaids dresses or bouquets for when the bride and groom make us all weep with their vows

  16. Hair spray

  17. Sunscreen - speaking on behalf of all the fair skinned beauties out there, we will appreciate this item! I recommend this Banana Boat one in 30 SPF…it smells great and absorbs quickly and you don’t feel greasy (I’m fair skinned so I know my sunscreen!)

  18. Lint roller - a must for keeping the guys’ suits looking sharp

  19. Hand sanitizer

  20. Water - stay hydrated!

  21. Make up remover

  22. Nail clippers/nail file - there’s nothing worse than breaking a newly manicured nail and then accidentally scratching your face!

  23. Straws - important for keeping the lipstick looking nice!

  24. Toothbrush/Dental floss - the wedding party will be eating leading up to the ceremony so it’s good to have these around

  25. Phone charger - this is a must so that people can take all kinds of photos/selfies and post with your wedding hashtag!

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Megan Elsbury