3 Reason Why You Should do an Engagement Session

You’re engaged and busy with wedding planning or getting ready to start planning (check out my 5 Wedding Planning Resources post to get some help!). Here are 3 reasons why you should do an engagement session:

You get to know your wedding photographer.

Doing an engagement session with the photographer you choose as your wedding photographer is beneficial for both you and your photographer. An engagement session is a great opportunity for your photographer to get to know you as a couple and for you to see how your photographer works. As a wedding photographer I like to meet my couple before the wedding so an engagement session is the perfect opportunity for us to me and get a feel for each other. I’m also open to meeting up even before an engagement session for coffee or a beer!


Helps you get comfortable in front of the camera.

As a photographer I hear all the time how people think they are awkward and don’t know what to do when they get in front of a camera. While that may be the case, there are things that you do as a couple (cuddling, piggy back rides, forehead kisses, etc.) that are easy cues that your photographer can ask you to do that you are already comfortable with instead of a forced pose. There will be some “posed photos” on your wedding day for the portraits that your parents will want so if you do an engagement session with your wedding photographer you both know which poses you are comfortable with and which ones you look like fire as a couple!


You’ll have professional photos to use for save the dates and other pre-wedding content/events.

Engagement sessions provide the couple with professional images to use for the save the dates they might send out or for things like a guestbook to have at the showers and for the guests to sign at the wedding!

Megan Elsbury