Valentine's Day

Ahh another Valentine's Day in the books as a single woman...don't worry this isn't one of those sad poor me posts. Don't get me wrong I can't wait to meet my future husband and have him spoil me with gifts on this holiday (food>flowers), but I'm truly okay with being single and where my life is at this point. I've actually never had a significant other on Valentine's Day so today is really just another day for me (or rather an excuse to eat a bunch of candy and cookies). So while everyone else is showering their significant other with gifts, I'm going to take this opportunity to shower my Jesus with praise!

I have experienced the greatest love of all, there is nothing like the love of my Jesus! Ladies and gents, it's a love we don't have to chase after (what a relief!), in fact, He is chasing after us and pursuing our hearts! Can I get an Amen?!?!

My wonderful Jesus has blessed my family and I in so many ways over the past few years. It hasn't been without trials, but I feel like we are stronger than ever and it fills my heart with so much joy! I mean we are in such a good place that we are having family pictures done in March (Something we have never done before)! 

A little tripod action to capture our family at Thanksgiving.

A little tripod action to capture our family at Thanksgiving.


I have been blessed with amazing friends, incredible opportunities to travel and serve the kingdom of God with Coreluv...


...and I've been able to start MNE Photography and meet some amazing clients (just a few featured below)!



My plan: go to Texas A&M, become a vet, get married, have kids, etc.

God's plan: go to Texas A&M, work at a personal injury law firm, start a photography business, live the single life.

I never imagined I would have ended up where I am now in life but I am so happy! It just goes to show that God has a plan already in place for us.

This post is a little different than what I have been posting but I just wanted to give you a little peak into the life of your photographer!