Rodeo Fun

My country girl heart is sad that rodeo is over! I had such a good time volunteering with my committee, going to see Chris Stapleton (not being able to go see Cody Johnson this year broke my heart), and getting to hang out in the carnival with the Norris family. 

I had the idea and desire to do a session at the Rodeo Houston carnival so I posted on Facebook to see if anyone was interested in meeting me up there randomly. My beautiful friend Mandy volunteered her cute growing family! I met up with Mandy, Lance, and little Hunter (who will soon be a big brother!) the next day at the carnival and had a some fun once we figured out what Hunter liked.


Basketball, Fun on the Farm and the Petting Zoo were the winners!


Hunter did not love the merry-go-round like we thought he would but when dad starts tickling there is no stopping the smiles.


I loved hanging out with this family and I can't wait to meet the next little boy to join this family!!